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Sponsor a Kennel

Commit to a year of lifesaving.


Kennel sponsorship is a great way for individuals, families, children, schools, companies or organizations to offer support to the animals in our care. Sponsorships can be made in memory/ honor of a beloved pet, person(s), organization or company. Your generous donation will ensure the puppies and dogs in our care will receive the sustenance and attention they need until they are adopted by their new forever family.

How does it work?

Supporters choose a kennel they wish to sponsor for at least 12 months. To allow as many people to participate as possible, our sponsorship includes two levels:

Silver, covering a month's supply of twice-daily food for the animals:
- 135,000 UGX ($37.5) per month, or 1,645,000 UGX ($450) per year. *Note: Cat kennels are partially-sponsored, thus silver is the only available tier for cat kennel sponsorships.

Gold, covering all food and contributing the balance towards caretaker salaries, annual vaccines and fuel for cooking
- 228,000 UGX ($62.5) per month or 2,745,000 ($750) per year

We ask that monthly donations are paid by standing order, either directly to the USPCA bank account (for those with Ugandan bank accounts) or via our long-standing support Animal-Kind International (AKI) for those with foreign bank accounts. Note that AKI is a US registered NGO, therefore the donations of American donors may be tax-deductible.

What does my donation pay for?

Based on your level of sponsorship, your donation pays for daily feedings, and for Gold sponsors, it also funds annual vaccinations, tick and flea treatment and a contribution towards kennel upkeep. Your donation is linked to a kennel, which houses a group of animals, rather than a specific animal. The animals in each kennel will change when they are adopted, moved to a different kennel, or as new animals are admitted. This means that your donation is likely to impact from 12- 40 animals per year!

What do I get?

• A warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that you are changing the lives of some of Uganda’s most vulnerable animals

• A highly visible, personalized acknowledgement in the shelter's lobby, highlighting your name (or organsation's name); This will be seen by the thousands of visitors the shelter receives each year (great publicity for businesses!)

• A certificate of thanks, which you can proudly display in your home or business

• Monthly updates via Facebook, giving public thanks and a brief update on the dogs in the kennel

• If you are a business, we can add your logo to our Facebook banner and website, if you so wish

Ok, I’m in. What next?

Please contact us at to let us know that you would like to sponsor a kennel. You can then choose your kennel (we 're happy to help decide: Puppies? The underweight dogs? The barkier dogs in the back?). We will ask you for some basic information, including how you wish to donate. If paying annually, you will need to set up your standing order. We will give you all the information you will need.


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