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Community Work

Explore the work we do beyond our shelter walls.

Lush Cosmetics-sponsored clinic
in Garuga

USPCA team at the Lush-sponsored clinic in Garuga

The USPCA engages in a number of programs to support animal welfare and responsible pet ownership in and around Kampala, Uganda. 

Projects and initiatives have included no-cost community clinics, set up short- or long-term to offer medical exams, rabies vaccinations, and spay/neuter services to pet guardians in low-income and slum areas where there is no access to, or ability to pay for, vet services. These have been sponsored by generous local individuals as well as multinational corporations, such as Lush Cosmetics.

The USPCA proudly opens its doors to community and school groups to spread the word about animal welfare and to help adults and children to understand the importance of being kind to animals and practising responsible pet guardianship. Representatives have also visited local schools to teach humane education lessons.

Since its inception in 1996, community initiatives have also included farm animal stops on main roads in and around Kampala to ensure the proper transport and care of chickens, cows, and goats. The USPCA has also worked with local schools to manage their community cat populations with capture-spay-release programs.

Starting in May 2018, the USPCA partnered with U.S.-based 2-4 Life Project on a capture-spay-release program for vulnerable dogs in the Bahai Temple area of Kampala.

Jackie at a Kawempe clinic

Dr. Singh at a Kawempe Clinic

A school field trip to the USPCA to play with puppies and kittens

Local boys bring kittens found in the trash to the USPCA to find good homes

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