Very often, new pet owners ask “How often should I bathe my pet?” There is no certain answer to this question as some pets keep themselves very clean and some others need attention quite frequently.

Cats keep themselves very clean and they may require a bath once in three to six months. They also require nail filing and it’s best if the owner can do the whole ritual at home as we don’t have any specialised pet salons in Uganda.

Dogs require bathing somewhat more often and the process may be longer than with cats, depending on the length and condition of the coat.

Good brushing to remove dead hair precedes a bath. If your dog’s hair is matted, you have to remove mats before bathing because once in contact with water, mats will only get tighter and more uncomfortable for your dog.

Shampoo and rinse, repeat until your pet is squeaky clean. If you need to add a medicated or anti-flea shampoo, do that after the dog has been washed clean. Preferably towel-dry your pet and if you can, blow-dry the hair until completely dry.

Water can be irritating if it gets into the ears; prior to bathing, put a small ball of cotton wool in each ear to prevent water from getting in. Drying all folds of the skin on dogs like Spaniels and others with oversized skin is a must, to avoid fungal infections inside the skin folds.

Never submerge your pet’s head under the water; this is extremely uncomfortable for the pet. On the contrary, always try your best to make the bath time a positive experience for the pet. Water should be luke-warm and the event should be comforting, happy and peaceful, fun for everyone involved.