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Animals for Adoption

Come find the perfect pet for you.

The shelter houses more than 200 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens looking for their forever homes.

As new pets come and old friends are adopted to new families on a daily basis, we cannot maintain a perfect listing of all the shelter's residents. Here you'll find photos of wonderful pets we have had in the past or will likely have at any given time to give you an idea of our animals.

Note our special animals who would love a permanent home that will accomodate their unique needs and our long-term residents patiently awaiting their perfect match.

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Adult Dogs

Max, female, 11 months

Light, female, 4 years

Mary Puppins, female, 2-3 years

Benji, male, 3 years


The USPCA adopts puppies once they are healthy and fully vaccinated at 8 weeks of age. People adopting puppies must agree to spay/neuter their animal around 6 months of age.

Lil' Kim, female, 4 months

Rolex, female, 3 months

Brick, male, 7 months

Elliot, male, 2 months


Kittens are able to go to loving homes once they reach 8 weeks and are fully vaccinated and in good health. As with dogs, people adopting kittens must agree to spay/neuter their animal around 6 months of age.

Kula, male, 2 months

Sebastian, male, 3 months

Lena & Smokey, females, 4 months

Ky, male, 3 months

Adult Cats

Percey, male, 2 years

Snow, female, 1 year

Luna, female, 3 years

Catrine, female, 2 years

Special Cases


Hope (front) & Nelson (back), both 10+ years old

Nelson, pictured here with Hope, who passed on in December, 2018, is the shelter's most senior resident and is handicapped with special needs due to his impaired mobility.

Nelson would be happy living in a mellow home, on a flat veranda with easy access to grass and love


Happy, 3 years old

Happy is appropriately named: despite having 3 legs, she is one of the most enthusiastic dogs at the USPCA. She is even known to jump like a kangeroo, leaping up into the air from standing position. 

Happy is a big fan of belly rubs, and will roll on her back for a scratch wheneever she can. 

Long-Term Residents

Sometimes, wonderful dogs and cats don't find their forever homes quickly or easily. They may be shy or fearful, different-looking, or simply happy and beautiful but not yet lucky. Special adopters open their homes and hearts to these residents, giving them the love and kindness they deserve.



Carlo is an older gentlemen who came to the shelter with his son. His son has been adopted, but Carlo and his grey beard would love a forever "retirement" home where he can relax and receive lots of cuddles.



Lily came to the shelter as a puppy. While beautiful, sweet and lovely (like the flower), Lily is shy and sometimes nervous at first. The USPCA is confident she will settle into a nice home and open up to show her full personality.

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