At the shelter, we have a number of animals that are well-socialised and health-checked, vaccinated and ready for adoption. Pay us a visit and see if there’s any little dog or cat that has been waiting just for you. Or –  even if you are not ready to adopt – come spend some quality time with these lovely creatures. They will be grateful for your attention.

Puppies and adult dogs ready to be adopted

I'm Bob, five months old. I was rescued and I'm really good with other dogs and people.
We are Basco and Poppy. We are playful and young and very healthy! We are looking for a good home.
My name is Tigger but I'm not all that tough 🙂 I'm quiet and kind and I get along with everyone.
I'm Tusker and I look forward to meeting you. I'm a little clever boy who loves being around people!
Tinger 2 years old_1


I'm a two year old boy. I'm clever and fast. Can't wait to meet you!

Sky is 7 months old_1


Hi! I'm seven months old and I already know how to smile to get treats 🙂

REX is about 10 months old,_1


I've got character, that's from terrier blood in me. I'm about ten months old.


Shelter Kittens

Milk, milk, milk, milk when all we want is cuddles and mice-hunting! Purrrrrrr......

Chui is a happy girl all the time_1


They call me Chui because someone took my real name HAPPY - all the time!

LEXY is about 1 year old, she is watch dog_1


I'm a girl, I'm one year old and I have decided: I'm a watch dog. See these ears?