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Every little bit helps.

The USPCA is happy to accept in-kind and monetary donations.

How to Donate:

To donate via Mobile Money, please send payments to the USPCA account at 077 240 3789.

For international (or in-country) bank transfers, click for information

To donate through our partner, Animal Kind International, using your bank acount of credit card, do so here and write a comment noting that the donation is for the USPCA.


What to Donate:

Have blankets, towels, newspapers, dog/cat food, holding crates or animal supplies to give? Send them our way by visiting the shelter.

Want to offer a one-time or monthly amount to support our efforts? We’d be thrilled. You can donate via mobile money in Uganda (077 240 3789), through Animal Kind (kindly note USPCA in your donation) or by dropping off any amount at the shelter. 

People travelling from out-of-country are urged to bring puppy and kitten formula—not available locally—in their suitcase to give our youngest residents a fighting chance at survival.


The Land Fund: The USPCA desperately needs to relocate its shelter to expand its ability to accomodate its growing resident base, have a proper quarantine area and a proper visitors' room, and construct a play area for dogs to release energy.

Animal Kind International has set up a fund for this purpose. Contribute here and write a comment that the donation is for USPCA's land fund. 

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