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Corporate Giving

Every little bit helps.

Whether with in-kind donations or monetary contributions, partners directly impact the wellbeing of our area's most vulnerable animals and make this critical mission possible.

Organizations can donate once or choose to partner with the USPCA on an ongoing basis based on budget and desired impact.  

The USPCA has an ongoing "wishlist" which includes items such as transport crates, staff salaries, utilities and community clinic/outreach programs.

The USPCA team will work with your budget and goals to find the easiest and most fulfilling way for your organization to help. We are happy to offer audited records, reports on the usage of funds/materials donated, and to publicize corporate donors’ efforts at events and via local marketing.

For more information, please contact +256 789 369997, +256 772 403 789 or email uspca2003@yahoo.com

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