Welcome to the Uganda Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (USPCA). We are a non-profit animal welfare organization and the only organization in the Uganda with the primary .goal of promoting animal welfare. 

We encourage and assist Ugandan society to live up to its responsibilities towards Ugandan animals. We do this in a variety of ways: by educating local communities to care for animals better, by providing free vaccination and spaying of female cats and dogs in communities, by rescuing sick, stray and abandoned animals and so on.

The USPCA manages the only animal shelter in Uganda, The Haven, located in the suburb of Mbuya, Plot 12, Ismail Road. At The Haven, we provide veterinary clinic services that include vaccinations, grooming and veterinary surgery, among others.

We are proud to partner with Animal Kind International, who support animal care organisations worldwide by raising funds for their operations. Full accountability is provided on https://www.animal-kind.org/

Come Volunteer

Our animals at The Haven need love, care and attention. We invite you to come and spend time with them, play, help with grooming or walking a bunch of wagging tails around the neighbourhood of Mbuya. ​

Report a Crime

Call us to report any case of cruelty to animals. We will be happy to come rescue the animal in question. Don’t condone violence and cruelty to animals, they can not defend themselves.

Adopt a Pet

Adopting a pet is a very noble thing to do. Check our FOR ADOPTION page for the latest photos of available cats and dogs. All our animals are inoculated, spayed or neutered, and are all 100% healthy and ready to go to good and loving homes.

Clinic Services

Please, contact the USPCA Veterinary Clinic on 077-484-4108 for all inquiries regarding your pet’s health.

Spaying or Neutering of cats or dogs is strictly on appointment. We suggest you inquire about the fees applicable to your pet, prior to coming to the clinic.

Support Us

Spread the word about our activities and help us get more people of good will on board with us. Mobilise your community and we will be glad to come and provide clinic services at cost. Tell your friends to adopt our pets.


Our work depends on the generosity of our donors. Please remember us and donate in cash and in kind, however much or little you can. It will all go towards inoculations, food and treatment for animals who were not lucky to be loved.